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Brahmin Bride With Height 5ft 4in

KKB, SPB, GB, M4-28/5'4""/MA Eng. Journo Antya Nadi 3.5Lpa Pref. W.Stld. Fmly. Govt/PVT Job. Send BHP # ********* Email: ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 28 Yrs With Height 5ft 1in

SM4 MBA Beautiful Garg Girl, 28/5'2"" from Business Family of Delhi, Working with Delhi Bank 12LPA, send BHP at ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 34 Yrs

Engr/CA/MBA/MCA M4 Del bsd Bful Girl 56/Dec81 M.com B.ed PGT Sr sec pub sch 6Lpa. Br. wel'com. ********* send BP: ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 28 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

SM4 Mglk 25.06.1987/ 5'3"" fair girl LLM from ILS Pune practising at Delhi CAT & High Court.Father CA.seeks educated high status family E:********* View More..

Bride , 37 Yrs

Bful Slim SC (Jatav) Girl 52 Nov -78 B.Tech, M.Tech 5 LPA (ii) B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed 54 June- 81, Em: ********* (M) ********* View More..

Bengali Bride , 36 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

B'ful fair unmarried Kay. Bengali girl 36/5'4"" 1+Lac/pm seeking equally stld unmarried boy. Cont: 0*********. Send BHP: ********* View More..

Bride , 35 Yrs With Height 4ft 7in

Hindu (Kotarya)Girl,Origin Allahabad, 35/4'8"", BSc+DMLT, Lab Technician at Hospital in Navi Mumbai *********/********* View More..

Brahmin Bride , 32 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

PQM4 Snd Br culturd fair girl Jan'84/5'6""/M.Tech wkg MNC Noida bsd decent edu fmly. Pref Cent/St Govt Ofcr. 0*********, BHP Em: ********* View More..

Brahmin Bride , 28 Yrs

SM4 Brahmin Girl 30 Nov 87 8:55 am Delhi, 54, Pr. Tchr KV DL/NCR Pref. Dowry Seeker Excuse. Call: *********. Email. ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 27 Yrs With Height 5ft 1in

PQM 4 B'ful V'fair slim Agg. Girl 27/5'2"" B.Tech MBA wrkg. in MNC Ggn. high status Delhi fmly. Seeks M.Tech, MBA, CA wrkg. with MNC in India. Caste no bar. View More..

Agarwal Bride , 27 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

SM 4 mittal B'ful slim vfair 27/165 girl, ME, Res. Scholar Rep.family from Raj. ME/MBA/PHD pref. ********* View More..

Bride , 25 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

Bfull PQ, 25y/ 5'4'' Jain Industrialist seeks boy fm well settled fmly. caste no bar ********* View More..

Bride , 20 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

MUMBAI bsd SM4 PQ Self employed B'ful girl 1980/ 5'7'', Never married, wkg in Mum 20 Lpa frm H.status Khandelwal fmly of NCR. Cont: 0*********email: ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 27 Yrs With Height 5ft 2in

********,*********"*********D*********r*********.********* *********M*********D*********/********* *********M*********S*********/********* *********D*********M********* *********f*********o*********r********* *********2*********7********* *********5*********'*********3*********"*********"********* *********p*********u*********r*********s*********u*********i*********n*********g********* *********M*********D********* *********(*********D*********e*********r*********m*********a*********)*********,********* *********D*********i*********s*********t*********i*********n*********c*********t*********i*********o*********n*********,********* *********S*********m*********a*********r*********t*********,********* *********V*********e*********g*********,********* *********M*********i*********t*********t*********a*********l********* *********g*********i*********r*********l********* *********9*********4*********1*********4*********1*********6*********3*********4*********9*********0*********"********* View More..

Bengali Bride With Height 5ft 4in

Sm from Delhi/NCR BR.for fair,b'ful Bengali girl.33/5'4""Del stl'd,7Lpa MA/Dip.JrnlismSr.Dip/Clsscl Dance.*********Email:********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 29 Yrs With Height 4ft 11in

NM Bansal Bful 17/4/87 4:59am 5' conv edu MVSC Net qual pursuing PhD frm National Inst FDB. Prf- Job in NCR. #********* ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 27 Yrs

PQM for Bful Slim girl 27/ 55 BA(Eco-H) MBA(ISB) Working MNC(GGN) educated & cultured family Email: ********* View More..

Khatri Bride , 30 Yrs With Height 5ft 8in

SM4 Pb Kh A.Mglk girl, 15.9.85 4:15pm/sonipat/5.5'',V.fair/Cnvt. Edu/MBA. H'Staus B'ness/ Professionals Pref. *********, ********* View More..

Agarwal Bride , 26 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

Mittal 26/5'4"" Smart Fair B. Tech; wkg. MNC Gurgaon 7 lpa. Delhi based family. Contact: *********, Email: ********* View More..