Example: animation course, car dealers, cctv system etc.

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No Experience Ad posting. Get paid per ad. (No sales or click needed to earn) Get Instant Paypal payments, when assignments completed! Many additional packages are available, including Filling forms, View More..

Home Based Computer Typing job / Home Based Data Entry Operator

Simple Part Time Home Based Data Entry Jobs, Home Based Typing Jobs, Work At Home, SMS Sending Jobs, Home Based Data Entry Operator, Data Entry Typist For More details Call View More..

Home Based Computer Typing job / Home Based Data Entry Operator

Simple Part Time Home Based Data Entry Jobs, Home Based Typing Jobs, Work At Home, SMS Sending Jobs, Home Based Data Entry Operator, Data Entry Typist For More details Call View More..

Process Trainers for Chat Process

Job responsibilities:Implement various training methodologies for imparting Process training.Identifying the process gaps and finding out areas of improvement.Responsible for all the initial trainings and base lining for every new member View More..

System Test Engineers

Job Description :Experience in System Testing of switching and access network equipmentProtocol (SS7, MFCR2, V5, etc.) testingIP-routing protocols, SDH and access network testingLayer 2/Layer 3 switch testingSound knowledge of standards View More..

UI Developer

Requirements:-Expert knowledge in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery-Expert in Hand coding of JavaScript.-Advanced understanding of front-end optimization techniques and cross-browser compatibility-Wire-framing and Prototyping designs.-A good sense of typography, grids, and View More..

RM - Wealth

Job DescriptionPrimarily responsible in building and deepening mapped portfolio into Branch BankingEnsure consistent growth of the wealth portfolioSelling CASA and cross selling wealth products. Synergize for maximum penetration of Implement View More..


Openings in international BPOsCompanies Hiring EXLWipro FareportalAegis BenovellientHCLConvergysGenpactResponsibilities are as follows: Candidate should possess excellent oral and written communication skills.Candidate with good customer service skills would be preferred.Prior experience in View More..

Embedded Applications Developer

Must have written embedded applications on RTOS.Be familiar with interfacing applications with drivers, queues, messages, semapahoresBe familiar with state machine implementationsUnderstand OS fundamentals.Must be familiar with CDMA telephony processigShould have View More..

Job Oriented Career Program at CMC Delhi for BTech Fresher.

CMC Limited (A TCS Subsidiary) is a leading IT solutions company and a part of TATA GROUP. CMC is one of the world's leading information technology consulting, services and business View More..

Team Lead Customer Support

Job Description :Supervise telecallers activityGenerate MIS through CRM for calls matured and abandonedHave outgoing calls done on abandoned callsCross check calls vs online registration thru Toll freeSupervise claims registeredVerifyy claims View More..

Software Engineer- Mobile Applications - Android and Windows

ResponsibilitiesUnderstanding why a feature is required and what you must do to build it.Logical reasoning to question the product manager and change the feature idea.Analytical thinking and research to figure View More..


Take charge of your own career! Join one of Indias largest financial conglomerates and be a part of one of the most successful Life insurance company.We have different JOBS Roles View More..


Dear Candidate,Direct Walk-In at Wipro BPO Solution Pvt Ltd. For great opportunity to start your career with a Brand Name.Call JENYY - +091-xxxxxxxxxx Basic Eligibility Criteria:-1) The candidate should be a View More..

Key Account Manager/Sr. Key Account Manager

Sr. Key Account ManagerAre you customer obsessed, flexible, smart and analytical, strategic yet execution focused, hungry and passionate about technology, experienced, and entrepreneurial leader with a strong work ethic- If View More..

Hurry !! All International BPO'S / CAll CENTERS @ 9899937133

Hiring for all top / Leading International Bpo 'S On the spot offer letterEasy Interview procedureFixed off Sat and SunUk / Us ShiftsSalary upto 32k in handUnlimited IncentivesFreshers / Undergrads View More..

Equity Counselor

Job Description :Basis client suitability, offer Direct Equity, Advisory Services and solutions to HNI and UHNI clients.Manage client portfolio and deliver client delight through constant engagement with existing clienteleBuild strong View More..

MIS Assistant

Job DescriptionGenerating daily reports, analyzing data for operations teamAnalyze business information to identify process improvements for increasing business efficiency and effectiveness.Understand customer/client requirements and provide appropriate reports.Generate both periodic and View More..

Vat, TDS , -taxation - Accounts & Finance Executive - 8285732128

+091-xxxxxxxxxx D +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx n +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx w +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx f +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx f +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx m +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx H +091-xxxxxxxxxx R +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx , +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx P +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx z +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx @ +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx < +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx h +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx f +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx # +091-xxxxxxxxxx ? +091-xxxxxxxxxx w +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx 3 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 0 +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 7 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 3 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 4 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 7 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 4 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 0 +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx s +091-xxxxxxxxxx s +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx p +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx p +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx g +091-xxxxxxxxxx h +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx d +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx s +091-xxxxxxxxxx p +091-xxxxxxxxxx h +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx n +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx n +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx k +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx n +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx V +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx w +091-xxxxxxxxxx ( +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 7 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 3 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 4 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 7 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 4 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 0 +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx ) +091-xxxxxxxxxx " +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx = +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx C +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx c +091-xxxxxxxxxx k +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx v +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx w +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx a +091-xxxxxxxxxx d +091-xxxxxxxxxx v +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx t +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx s +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx r +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx m +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx b +091-xxxxxxxxxx i +091-xxxxxxxxxx l +091-xxxxxxxxxx e +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx n +091-xxxxxxxxxx o +091-xxxxxxxxxx . +091-xxxxxxxxxx ' +091-xxxxxxxxxx > +091-xxxxxxxxxx +091-xxxxxxxxxx + +091-xxxxxxxxxx 0 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 9 +091-xxxxxxxxxx 1 +091-xxxxxxxxxx - 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