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Spoken English Classes in Sector 18 in Noida

In today's highly challenging and fiercely competitive professional world it is very important  to speak fluent, correct and effective English. At English Caffe we believe in communicative approach to language View More..

Why learn Chinese so difficult? Actually it is not.

Many American universities have Chinese classes and also extends to the middle school and primary school, Utah butte elementary school required Chinese teacher to speak Chinese in the whole course. Parents’ expectation to children learning is very high, and this shows that Chinese has a very important role in American children' s study and the development in the future. But why a lot of people learning Chinese but result is not ideal, that's because they don’t find suitable methods.  Private course: Private course is suitable for foreigners and businessmen who cannot speak English, we owns teachers who can speak various languages no matter French, German, Spanish or Korean and Japanese, one on one private course time and place arrangement is flexible and students can arrange for their classes depends on their own schedule. They can choose to have lessons in our school or let our Chinese teachers go to their home or companies to take lessons. It is the most efficiency and flexible ways to study mandarin. Private Chinese course can provide drop in free trail service according to students’ Chinese levels and learning needs and customize study plan. Course content includes general Chinese course, business Chinese course, HSK preparation course, listening,speaking,reading and Chinese characters and so on. Why learn Chinese at MandarinGarden? For infants and young children’ s mandarin on the international, for the college students' higher difficulty Chinese expression, and for business talks with Chinese in the meeting expressions, there are many techniques and the details that need to think patiently. But these confusion and difficulties, will be get the most satisfactory answer in MandarinGarden.  Contact us to get a free trial lesson: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2015-10-15/5141.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   View More..

Foreign Language Courses: Spanish Study Centre Garia New Basic

Spanish Study Centre, Garia, New Basic Scm. (Sunday Class) Starts 1st week of Dec., Call: +091-xxxxxxxxxx , visit: www.spanishstudycentre.net View More..


GERMAN LANGUAGE TUTIONS FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS 5th TO 10th STANDARD CONTACT +091-xxxxxxxxxx / +091-xxxxxxxxxx . View More..

Foreign Language Courses: FRENCH Classes Learn French Language &

FRENCH Classes Learn French Language & enhance your language skills classes in Byramji Town Call : +091-xxxxxxxxxx for details. View More..

Foreign Language Courses: Admissions open Business English Spoken English PD GD PI Soft Skills

Admissions open for Business English/Spoken English/PD/GD/PI/Soft Skills/ IELTS.Week Day Morning/ Evening batches starting from 1st Dec. 15 & Weekend batches from 19th Dec. 15 Madhavan Academy of Indian and Foreign View More..

Chinese learning just need one day,do you believe that?

Chinese learning can not only satisfy the interest in Chinese, for the foreigner in African countries, also have unlimited opportunities and career advancement opportunities in waved to them. More South Korea enterprise recruitment announcements added the clause that"Give preference to Chinese language ability", each enterprise is growing demand for Chinese language training.  One Day Chinese Experience Course Introduction: Four lessons a day, designed for beginners. Develop your first language skills in a Chinese culture environment. This program is designed to combine Chinese language courses with Chinese culture experiences. Course Advantages: In just one day you can experience two exclusive courses -- language and culture. You choose a topic that you are interested in and learn some basic Chinese communication phrases. You can practice these with your friends instantly. Then, you pick a Chinese culture activity from a variety of options, learn about its history and take part in doing it yourself. Throughout this day, you not only learn Mandarin from a professional teacher, but also experience Chinese culture, all while having fun.  Established by a group of experienced and professional Chinese teachers, MandarinGarden Chinese Language school offers high quality and effective Chinese learning programs for students worldwide. Features: 1. High Quality and Effective Curriculum 2. Convenient Transportation 3. Experienced and Professional Instructors 4.Official New HSK test center 5. Offer student visa Contact us to get a free trial lesson: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2015-09-14/5126.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   View More..

Foreign Language Courses: ADMISSIONS New Al level weekend batches

ADMISSIONS for New Al level weekend batches for French! German! Spanish is starting from 25th NOV. 2015. Weekend batch starts on 13th Dec. 2015 & week day batches are starting View More..

English: FOR Spoken English Pvt Tuitions 25

FOR Spoken English Pvt. Tuitions 25 Years Experience Can Explain In Five Languages. Mary Maam's +091-xxxxxxxxxx , +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

How to learn Chinese and handy your business

"Chinese thought" extension of traditional and distinctive, learning atmosphere of openness bring foreign students the interest of how to learn Chinese. If you learned “sleep”, you should know that “insomnia”, the expression of the same words in different scenarios with different functions. Chinese is not only the expression of be particular about accurate, also need have lasting appeal, embodies words of Chinese characteristics in the teaching of MandarinGarden reflect incisively and vividly.  Intensive course Intensive course aims to improve learners Chinese level in a short time, helping those people overseas who want to get further learn in China universities or colleges or add chances to develop their careers. Course Advantages: The starting time is flexible. The contents are focused on listening, speaking , reading and writing. The teaching methods will include pictures, culture exchanges and role-play exercises which mimic daily life. A study evaluation report will be offered after each 20 lessons or every 2 months. Culture activities are offered during the course period. As we know that how to learn Chinese is more important because China has quickly become an important trade partners in the world, especially in Shanghai, a modern big city. Other countries in Asia, including Thailand and Japan, have begun using Mandarin Chinese as one of their primary languages for business. Many businesses in Europe and Africa have also begun to take mandarin classes since Chinese businesses have increased their holdings and operations in these places. In light of this, Joining Mandarin Garden might come in handy your business. Contact us: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2013-01-05/2129.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   View More..

german, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese language classes

1. Basic  : For those who have not studied, basic sentence patterns and conversational expressions are introduced through much pattern practices and interactive activities.The completion of this course enables the View More..

Let the HSK unlock the door of your life and career

Chinese has become an international language, yonhap reported that south Korean enterprise attaches great importance to the candidate's Chinese level.  HSK preparation course All HSK lessons are formed around every day life, work, or study, & include a professional explanation of vocabulary & grammar. Teaching methods are based on tried & true methods & ideas are described in both words & pics. Class exercises are focused around the key points of each lesson & help students expand their knowledge of Chinese characters & idioms. The HSK classes won't only prepare students to take the examination, but will include all aspects from their every day life & work in China. Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) China was tested for non-native Chinese people (including foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese minority examinee) national standard examination of Chinese proficiency. HSK from Beijing Language and Culture University HSK center design and development, including the basic Chinese language proficiency test (abbreviated as HSK (basic)), early, middle the Chinese Proficiency Test (abbreviated as HSK (primary, secondary) and high Chinese Proficiency Test (abbreviated as HSK (higher)). HSK test is held regularly every year in domestic and overseas Chinese those who meet the examination requirements, can obtain the corresponding levels of "Chinese Proficiency Certificate". Chinese by the Ministry of education, National Committee for Chinese proficiency test, the Committee supervisor of HSK, and awarded a certificate of Chinese proficiency. MandarinGarden will according to the different basis of foreign students, and differences in learning habits and cultural background, flexible grasp student's HSK learning process, to choose effective study method that suit each student. For students to save a lot of time, learn to communicate in mandarin, with greater ease to learn authentic Chinese, with Chinese friends warmly said "好久不见啊", "回头见". Contact us for further information: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/hsk/HSK/ Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   View More..

Learn Chinese and feel its culture custom

Now there are a lot of foreigners to learn Chinese, and they also have an interest on Chinese culture,and in learning Chinese at the same time feel the Chinese culture. Chinese is the golden key to Chinese culture. China is called the state of ceremonies, and the characteristic of the civilization etiquette come down through five thousands years affects the life and habits of communication of the Chinese people, and have a very big difference from abroad.  Chinese Culture Course Four lessons a day, designed for beginners. Develop your first language skills in a Chinese culture environment. This program is designed to combine Chinese language courses with Chinese culture experiences. It is a great way to get acquainted with both the language and culture of China. Part-time 12 Course(weekday) *Monday,Wednesday,Friday, from 9am to 12:30pm or 13:30pm to 17:00pm. *It focus on listening,speaking,reading. *4 Lessons per day,12 Lessons per week. *Average 4 students,maximum 6 students.  *Media language is English. MandarinGarden is a professional Chinese language coaching school in Shanghai, the higher education is devoted to provide for foreigner Chinese teaching, culture communication.our students can learn Chinese at our centers both in puxi and pudong, student’s home or company, at the start of the New Season, we have all kinds of reduced cost activity, if you need our services, you are welcome to seek advice. Contact us to get a free trial lesson: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2012-08-31/1252.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   View More..

English: Learn excellent English language teacher Only

Learn how to become an excellent English language teacher. Only Sunday batches duration: 3 mths. For More Details Call- +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

Foreign Language Courses: German language intensive courses students &

German language intensive courses for students & corporates with Max muller certificate preparations A1/ A2/ B1/ B2. New batches starting in Baner, Bavdhan, Warje. Call or whatsapp - +091-xxxxxxxxxx / +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

English: Spoken Business English Home Tuitions available

Spoken /Business English Home Tuitions available in Viman Nagar, Vadgaon Sheri, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi - Contact 91300 63298 View More..

English: SPOKEN English Personality Development Ielts Corporate

SPOKEN English, Personality Development. Ielts, Corporate Training, Interview Skills. Home Tuitions. Call Hi Skill +091-xxxxxxxxxx . View More..

English: EXCELLENT opportunity learn Spoken English Sundays

EXCELLENT opportunity to learn Spoken English on Sundays Contact: eeZee English, Singh +091-xxxxxxxxxx View More..

german, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese language classes

1. Basic  : For those who have not  studied, basic sentence patterns and  conversational expressions are  introduced through much pattern  practices and interactive  activities.The completion of this  course enables the View More..