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drawing classes in paschim vihar

At Raghuvansham School of Modern art "IMAGINATION is more important than KNOWLEDGE" ART is not just a word but, an ......frastructure or the Art......ade- , a best fine art......pirations. The fine art...... View More..

Kids Art Lessons - Build Your Kids Creativity

art classes for kids and teenagers where they will find a creative platform to explore their creativity in multiple ways. ......art......umerous drawing and painting......rtencounters.com.au/art...... View More..

Learn mandarin Chinese help you development your career in China

After a lot of foreign companies development branch in China, or after large companies to recruit foreign workers, many companies will for the company employees arrange learning mandarin Chinese for the their employees in order to allow the company's foreign employees and corporate culture more quickly into the Chinese culture and thought, and business dealings with Chinese will be more smoothly. MandarinGarden Chinese course for companies will bring the greatest help for your company and employees. Chinese course for companies Course type Professional Assessment: we provide a tailor-made Requirement Analysis and Entrance Test. Executive Private Class: special for the businessman who do much traveling and working, for those who opt for flexible hours, and those with special requirements such as bilingual teachers and materials. Group Class: suitable for those who opt for regular teaching and more interaction with other students. Culture programs: suitable for short-term corporate training and in-house culture and entertainment activities. Chinese Art programs: suitable for cross cultural activities and social etiquette related learning such as Chinese chess, musical instruments, calligraphy and brush painting courses. Training Fee: tuition will be customized based on different training content, and the corporation will get a discount. Reasonable price will be offered. MandarinGarden Advantages: - Fully tailored curriculum according to your work industry, language level and interest to learn mandarin Chinese - 100% certified teachers from IPA - Flexible Class Location : your OFFICE, HOME, your favorite CAFE or ONLINE - Affordable class rates Contact us today for more information and to experience a FREE TRIAL CLASS! Website:http://www.mandaringarden.cn/h-col-115.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype:MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China ...... View More..

Hobby Classes: Learn stained glass painting learn glass

Learn the art of stained glass painting. learn to make glass name plates, wallclocks, keyholders, lots more. Mrs gohil- +091-xxxxxxxxxx ...... View More..

The Practical company chinese course

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, China is becoming more and more like a cornucopia, which has many opportunities and wealth, now, to foreigners who come to China is in an endless stream, some of they come to Chinese company to become a management,spreading the foreign advanced management ideas and technologies to China, some with their transnational corporations came to China, enjoying very high welfare in china.consequently ,chinese is very vital for them ,mandaringarden is the special school which help company foreigners to learn chinese ,the school is located at the most modest city ----Shanghai and have 15 years history.   Company Chinese course  Course type Professional Assessment: we provide a tailor-made Requirement Analysis and Entrance Test. Executive Private Class: special for the businessman who do much traveling and working, for those who opt for flexible hours, and those with special requirements such as bilingual teachers and materials. Group Class: suitable for those who opt for regular teaching and more interaction with other students. Chinese Art programs: suitable for cross cultural activities and social etiquette related learning such as Chinese chess, musical instruments, calligraphy and brush painting courses. Training Fee: tuition will be customized based on different training content, and the corporation will get a discount. Reasonable price will be offered.      The above article is a brief introduction to our company chinese courses ,which have diverse kinds,the company can require our teachers to come to they company and give they employees corresponding train ,the company also can lets staffs come to mandaringarden and receive training,we will sincerely serve for you ,regardless of the number of people.if your company staffs can speak chinese frequently, your company will have more abilities to manage a foreign company.     Contact us for further information: Website: Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   ...... View More..

qaqc training Sdlinc

Download training syllabus at http://  www.sdlinc.In/brochure/   SDLINC offers training and certification on all major Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation  QA ......cience, Metallurgy, Painting......a, Piping, Welding, Painting......I, CSWIP, NACE BGAS Painting...... View More..

Mandarin school help you to better adapt to life in China

The fun of MandarinGarden Chinese course is not just to master Chinese characters, statements, more is to explore the foreign students thinking and let them know more about our life in China, to feel Chinese thinking and values. In this way can into their working and life in China, has a good positive emotions. Professional Mandarin school can effectively help you improve your Chinese level.  HSK preparation course All HSK lessons are formed around daily life, work, or study, and include a professional explanation of vocabulary and grammar. Chinese Proficiency Test .HSK. China was tested for non-native Chinese people .including foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese minority examinee. national standard examination of Chinese proficiency. HSK from Beijing Language and Culture University HSK center design and development, including the basic Chinese language proficiency test .abbreviated as HSK .basic.., early, middle the Chinese Proficiency Test .abbreviated as HSK .primary, secondary. and high Chinese Proficiency Test .abbreviated as HSK .higher... HSK test is held regularly every year in domestic and overseas Chinese those who meet the examination requirements, can obtain the corresponding levels of "Chinese Proficiency Certificate". Chinese by the Ministry of education, National Committee for Chinese proficiency test, the Committee supervisor of HSK, and awarded a certificate of Chinese proficiency. In the MandarinGarden mandarin school, all the Chinese teachers used to work in all walks of life, some is after graduation from university began to spread Chinese language and traditional culture in love with the path which is full of fun. Here to build a relaxed and lively atmosphere of Chinese wind to foreigners. They can practice calligraphy, painting traditional Chinese painting, playing guzheng, or appreciate the tea ceremony performance and so on.  Contact us for further information: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2015-12-28/5220.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   ...... View More..

Fine Arts: EXPD Teacher teaches types Painting Water

EXPD. Teacher teaches all types of Painting with Water Colour, Oil, Mix Media .etc.. . Private Teaching also done. Contact ...... View More..

Nail Art Workshop In Baroda

Nail Art Workshop First Time In Baroda, January 9th And 10th 2016, 12 Noon 5 Pm, Workshop Teaches You, Stamping ......Art......Art......Art...... View More..

Martial Art Classes: STUDENTS & Parents Pls Alpa Bachat

STUDENTS & Parents Pls note Alpa Bachat Bhavan Karate Training Centre TEMPORARILY shifted to Poona Club (Non Members allowed) Sapan Chakraborty +091-xxxxxxxxxx / ifkindia.com View More..

Art Appreciation Academy In Kolkata

Tbe Birla Academy Of Art And Culture, Organises A Short Term Art Appreciation Course Between January And March 2016. For ...... View More..

Institute Of Art And Design Course By Ideal

Institute of Design expression Art and Learning, Expressed in Glass, Wood, fabric, fine arts. From 19th Dec to 23rd dec ...... View More..

SAP Course and Workshops in Online & Classroom Training Hyderabad

We believe learning and career growth go hand in hand. Either a fresh graduate out of college, or an experienced ...... View More..

Fully experience the best environment for learning Chinese

China can be said to be the best environment for learning Chinese, many foreigners want to learn in China, because there is a unique learning environment. There is a saying that studying mandarin need a right place, and the right method, and then we take a look at the MandarinGarden camp course how to help our foreign friends with their Chinese learning. Maybe you also intend to let your family take the opportunity to study more mandarin or Chinese Culture. Here is a rare and Educational Summer or Winter program MandarinGarden offers which is not to be missed. Our Camp program consists of many interesting activities,culture events and mandarin learning, such as: Mandarin language courses, Guzheng.the Chinese Zither., Chinese Chess, Chinese painting, Wei Qi.Go chess., Calligraphy, Tai Chi, and Paper-cutting. Sounds good, right? Our Aim -Designed for 6-18 year old youths from all over the world -Improve Chinese Proficiency                       -Experience Chinese life and culture -Take a meaningful and amazing vacation where you can not only relax, but learn and experience a whole new world of cultures, language, ideas, and cuisine. -Experienced course consultants and supervisors -Maximum 8 students per Class Foreigners Learn Chinese need a good learning environment, which will be fully integrated into it, that will help you learn mandarin well. Many foreigners participate in MandarinGarden camp course, and the atmosphere here can make you quickly enter the Chinese context. Website:http://www.mandaringarden.cn Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com   Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   ...... View More..

Institute Of Open School In Khar

Admissions Open, Gujarat Research Societys. National Institute Of Open Schooling. June 2016. Applicant Must Be 14 Years And Passed 8th ......ntry, Home Science, Painting...... View More..

Special course for you to learn mandarin in China

Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the United States and other European and American countries, in order to learn mandarin in China to study abroad or travel in China. And there are a lot of families from Europe and the United States living in China, and the husband is usually senior executives sent by the global 500 companies.They learn business Chinese at MandarinGarden, will also take his wife and children together to learn the Chinese culture, understanding the life in China. Chinese Culture Course Four lessons a day, designed for beginners. Develop your first language skills in a Chinese culture environment. This program is designed to combine Chinese language courses with Chinese culture experiences. It is a great way to get acquainted with both the language and culture of China. China has a long and illustrious history and she has seen many changes. Culture Course aim to help you understand more about China and her people, culture and customs, Mandarin Garden offers acculturation courses so that you can get to know more Chinese people’s lives and improve your life in China more easier and interesting. The culture courses focus on specific aspects of traditional Chinese culture, such as Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tai Chi, cooking Chinese food, mahjong and so on. We already made a lot of good activity for Chinese Festival like the Spring festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Children’s Day. We got a lot of high praise from our students. If you want to learn mandarin in China and haven’t had time to practice more than ’ni hao’. MandarinGarden Chinese culture classes could be just what you need to make life in China that much easier. Contact us to get a free trial lesson: Website:http://www.mandaringarden.org/learnchineseinchina/2015-11-18/5169.html Tel:  0086-021-52589959 Skype: MandarinGarden.org Email:  xxx@xxx.com Address: Changning:3/F No. 1358 West Yan'an Rd,Shanghai,China Pudong:1/F,Unit B,Phoenix-Mansion No.18 Huangyang Road,Shanghai,China   ...... View More..

Job Oriented Course In Mumbai

Manthan Mrs Raj Institute For Contemporary Education, Offers Job Oriented Part Time Courses, Counselling Diploma Course, Be A Counsellor For ...... Counselling, Play, Art......rning Disabilities. Art...... View More..

National Public School In Bangalore

National Public School Banashankari Admissions Open 2016 For Montessori, Kindergarten, Grades I IX And XI For Academic Year 2016 17 ......ol Has State Of The Art......ipurpose Auditohum, Art...... View More..

National Public School In Bangalore

National Public School Banashankari Admissions Open 2016 For Montessori, Kindergarten, Grades I IX And XI For Academic Year 2016 17 ......ol Has State Of The Art......ipurpose Auditohum, Art...... View More..