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Kayastha Bride , 29 Yrs With Height 5ft 2in

PQ match from status family for architect b'ful fair 29/5'3"" A.mglk conv. edu. & creative girl. Father Sr. Class I Cent.Officer Caste no bar. BHP to ********* View more..

Brahmin Bride , 27 Yrs With Height 4ft 11in

GAUR vats 25/01/88 6:20pm Gzb. Antaya 5'2 "" fair LLM wkg Legal. Prefer Delhi and NCR. ********* *********, ********* View more..

Groom , 32 Yrs With Height 4ft 11in

SM4 I'Less Div Arora 83/5'11 H'some boy. B.B.A/M.B.A Own industry income in cr. Delhi/NCR ********* ********* View more..

Brahmin Bride , 27 Yrs With Height 5ft 1in

SARASWAT Br. v.fair, b'ful Mglk Girl 27/5'2"" B.Tech, Tech. Analyist MNC Mumbai, 7.60 LPA Send BH (M) ********, ********* View more..

Bengali Bride With Height 5ft 4in

SM4 b'ful Bengali Kayastha girl 90 born 5'5''/ M.A from govt/ private sec, well stld boy from edu. decent family. ********* View more..

Agarwal Bride , 28 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

PQM4 28/5'7"" fair,slim,b'ful, BE, MBA, Gupta Girl working reptd Internet Co Noida Fath er retd Sr Cl1 offr.*********Em:********* View more..

Khatri Bride , 26 Yrs With Height 5ft 2in

PQM4 b'ful Khatri girl July 88/5'3"" Masters NIFT Merchandiser wrkg in NCR. Preff Prof. Mob: *********, Email: ********* View more..

Bride , 28 Yrs With Height 5ft 1in

SM4 Jatav Delhi based Fair Girl 28/5'2"" Barch, Architect in Pvt firm 5LPA Send BHP to Em: *********#********* View more..

Agarwal Bride , 25 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

VAISHYA Pref. Mum based for M.Sc.(Biotec) 25/5'4""Fair (Manglik) wrkg (TCS) Father Dr(Bihar Govt)M:0********* ********* View more..

Jat Bride , 28 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

PQSM Jat Fair Slim girl 28/5'6"" MBA Ast Mngr Govt Bank Sks 5'10"" Bank/Govt/S Govt Ofcr Ftr Retd Gztd Ofcr E:********* Mb:0********* View more..

Keralite Bride , 29 Yrs With Height 5ft 1in

MUM settled Ezhava girl 29/5'1"" Chithira, B.Com MBAseeks alliance from qualified,Profl or Businessman upto 35yrs., pref in Maharashtraor abroad or outside Kerala.Cont: *********, ********* View more..

Bride , 30 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

SHRIVASTAVA Girl Oct84/5'6"", Army Officer. Seeks Army / IAF / Naval officerCall: ********* /********* E: ********* View more..

Kayastha Bride , 30 Yrs With Height 5ft 2in

SRIV. Oct'84/5'3"" Ans. M'glk B'ful bachelor of F.Designing girl,wkg Delhi, seeks well set tled Pilot / Defence / B.Tech / BE/MBA boy, wkg pref. Delhi or other Metro.M0********* ********* View more..

Bride , 29 Yrs With Height 5ft 2in

NAAI 29/5'3"" fair,MA,B.Ed, cnvt edu,A. Mglk wkg girl seeks alliance frm respected fam.0*********,*********,E:********* View more..

Agarwal Bride With Height 5ft 6in

SM 4 b'ful gori, slim , IIM MBA girl Feb 90, 5'7"" wkg Gurgaon North family Pref. Contact: 0*********, E:********* View more..

Bride , 25 Yrs With Height 5ft 4in

METHODIST fair religio us M.Com 5'5""/25, girl. Rptd fmly Seeks well stld qlfd mat ch. Decent m'rge #********* E ********* View more..

Kumaoni Bride , 31 Yrs With Height 5ft 0in

SM for Kumaoni Rajput B'ful Girl 1 March 84 Born 5:50 PM 153cm wkg in MNC Presently at Ahemdabad 0*********. E: ********* View more..

Swarnakar Groom , 25 Yrs With Height 5ft 6in

AYODHYAWASI Swarnkar 25/5'6"" Software Engineer, Working For MNC, Seeks Qualified/Software Engineer/CA/Doctor Girl From Swarnkar Family. Pls. #*********, Email:********* View more..