Yolist.com - Events Ads in All India http://www.yolist.com/ India's Leading Online Classified Ads & Ads from Times Of India Classifieds en-gb Yolist.com http://www.yolist.com/listing/images/n-logo.gif http://www.yolist.com Ahmedabad - Building Seminar In Ahmedabad http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/11307167/events-ahmedabad-building-seminar-in-ahmedabad <b>Category :</b> Events: Seminnar / Workshop<br> <b>Description :</b> Develop Pride In Self, Pride In Country And Blast Your Way To Success, Dont...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 04-Jul-2015 Chennai - Photo And Video Expo In Bangalore http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/11307327/events-chennai-photo-and-video-expo-in-bangalore <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> Expo For Photo And Video, 3, 4, 5 July 2015, Dr Prabhakar Kore...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 04-Jul-2015 Kolkata - Professional Life Workshop In Barasat http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/11276761/events-kolkata-professional-life-workshop-in-barasat <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> Ppie Skills Unlimited. One Day Workshop For Corporate Orientation Program By A Sr. Executive...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 03-Jul-2015 Jaipur - Event Manager for Jaipur http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50615533/events-jaipur-event-manager-for-jaipur <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> Required Event Manager having good English and having own conveyance Job Responsibility 1. Day...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 03-Jul-2015 United States - Red, White & Booze on 4th July http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50616209/events-united-states-red-white-booze-on-4th-july <b>Category :</b> Events: Food / Nightlife<br> <b>Description :</b> We&rsquo;re starting the weekend party tonight at The Irish Exit beginning with our Bottomless...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 03-Jul-2015 Pune - Yoga Centre In Koregaon Park http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/11264182/events-pune-yoga-centre-in-koregaon-park <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> Workshop On Mindfulness. Money And Spirituality Meditation Guru Shiva Girish Saturday, July 4th Active...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 02-Jul-2015 Bangalore - Sublime Galleria, Sky Gallery, Fine Art, Paintings, Abstract, Abstract Art, Pragya Jain, Skyward http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50615162/events-bangalore-sublime-galleria-sky-gallery-fine-art-paintings-abstract-abstract-art-pragya-jain-skyward <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> &quot;The body of work has been sculpted around my efforts to strive for positivity...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 02-Jul-2015 Pune - FINE ARTS: Marathi Ad Material http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/11286139/events-pune-fine-arts-marathi-ad-material <b>Category :</b> Events: Theatre / Art<br> <b>Description :</b> Marathi Ad Material...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 02-Jul-2015 United States - Women's World Cup FIFA http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50615064/events-united-states-women-s-world-cup-fifa <b>Category :</b> Events: Community Events<br> <b>Description :</b> Women&#39;s World Cup FIFA July 5, 2015 Watch the Women&#39;s World Cup Games on...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 01-Jul-2015 Australia - Indoor Play Centre Melbourne http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50614609/events-australia-indoor-play-centre-melbourne <b>Category :</b> Events: Other Events<br> <b>Description :</b> Dizzys Castle is...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 01-Jul-2015 New Delhi - Latest Hit Punjabi Songs - Manik Bhatheja http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50614146/events-new-delhi-latest-hit-punjabi-songs-manik-bhatheja <b>Category :</b> Events: Music / Concerts<br> <b>Description :</b> Manik Bhateja is an artist in Delhi whose singing concerts highly fascinate the youth....<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 New Delhi - Hip Hop Punjabi Songs http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613974/events-new-delhi-hip-hop-punjabi-songs <b>Category :</b> Events: Music / Concerts<br> <b>Description :</b> A fascinating charisma engulfs the Hip Hop Punjabi Songs sung by Manik Bhateja. Fascinating...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 New Delhi - Hip Hop Punjabi Songs http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613970/events-new-delhi-hip-hop-punjabi-songs <b>Category :</b> Events: Music / Concerts<br> <b>Description :</b> A fascinating charisma engulfs the Hip Hop Punjabi Songs sung by Manik Bhateja. Fascinating...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Kolkata - Brishti, finally.... the first ever crowdfunded theatre of Kolkata is back! http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50614125/events-kolkata-brishti-finally-the-first-ever-crowdfunded-theatre-of-kolkata-is-back <b>Category :</b> Events: Theatre / Art<br> <b>Description :</b> Brishti, <span class="il" style="font-family:...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 New Delhi - Latest Hit Punjabi Songs - Manik Bhatheja http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50614163/events-new-delhi-latest-hit-punjabi-songs-manik-bhatheja <b>Category :</b> Events: Music / Concerts<br> <b>Description :</b> Manik Bhateja is an artist in Delhi whose singing concerts highly fascinate the youth....<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Gandhinagar - Plexpo India 2016 - Plastic Exhibition, Gandhinagar, Gujarat http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613513/events-gandhinagar-plexpo-india-2016-plastic-exhibition-gandhinagar-gujarat <b>Category :</b> Events: Events / Exhibitions<br> <b>Description :</b> PlexpoIndia, a unique exhibition in Plastic and Packaging Industry invites manufacturers, dealers, traders and...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Mumbai - Wedding planners for Destinations http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613237/events-mumbai-wedding-planners-for-destinations <b>Category :</b> Events: Community Events<br> <b>Description :</b> If the wee hours have come and it&rsquo;s time for a special day, you must be looking for a special and professional wedding planner. Getting in touch with reliable and professional Wedding planners for Destinations is an important criterion of the wedding ceremony. Because depending on that the arrangement and the total pricing of the ceremony, fixing the budget is necessary, but being a professional Destination wedding planner, he will be undertaking all the arrangements and the execution of the same. Soundspirit is a leading Wedding planner for Destinations, offering a wide range of services related to various event management. Quick Connect: Arisa Mahal.No.8 Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai-400 006. INDIA Tel +91 22 23696221 Mobile Jigar Shah: +91 9820746266 Sagar Shah: +91 9833146266 Deepak Shah: +91 9869139307 E-mail: info@soundspirit.in Website:http://soundspirit.in/...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Mumbai - Emotional Freedeom Technique (EFT) with Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri in Mumbai Oct 2015 http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613443/events-mumbai-emotional-freedeom-technique-eft-with-dr-rangana-rupavi-choudhuri-in-mumbai-oct-2015 <b>Category :</b> Events: Seminnar / Workshop<br> <b>Description :</b> Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Master Trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD) EFT...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Bangalore - waterproof raj tent for celebrating wedding ceremony and any other occasions http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613360/events-bangalore-waterproof-raj-tent-for-celebrating-wedding-ceremony-and-any-other-occasions <b>Category :</b> Events: Community Events<br> <b>Description :</b> Raj Tent suppliers serve a few types of great quality of products in market...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015 Andaman & Nicobar - The Apollo Victoria Theatre http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50613323/events-andaman-nicobar-the-apollo-victoria-theatre <b>Category :</b> Events: Theatre / Art<br> <b>Description :</b> The Wicked The Musical show is a great option to spend your time watching...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 30-Jun-2015