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(25 Ton) GVW 6x4 Tipper http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/50416467/automobiles-chennai-eicher-terra-25-the-25000-kgs-25-ton-gvw-6x4-tipper <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Buses / Tempos / Trucks<br> <b>Description :</b> Eicher Terra 25 is a 25 Ton GVW construction tipper that knows and understands...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 01-Sep-2014 Mumbai - Honda Civic: 2006 Company Owned Car For Sale http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064618/automobiles-mumbai-honda-civic-2006-company-owned-car-for-sale <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> 2006 Company Owned Car For Sale (Honda Civic) Contact Mr. S.S.Agnihotri on week days...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 01-Sep-2014 Ahmedabad - Enfield: 1I EJo1C-S Ctc Royal Enfield Bullet http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064328/automobiles-ahmedabad-enfield-1i-ejo1c-s-ctc-royal-enfield-bullet <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Bikes / Scooters / Cycles<br> <b>Description :</b> 1I EJo1C-S Ctc (Royal Enfield Bullet) dlc&IC-fl& EJ E. C1 &S9Io1, Non working Condition!...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Pune - Yamaha: FOR SALE VOLKSWAGEN JETTA DIESEL WHITE http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064329/automobiles-pune-yamaha-for-sale-volkswagen-jetta-diesel-white <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Bikes / Scooters / Cycles<br> <b>Description :</b> FOR SALE VOLKSWAGEN JETTA DIESEL WHITE 2008 MODEL SINGLE USER APPROX 75000 KMs RUN...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Ahmedabad - Car Polish Service: KRISH Car Care Automotive Product & http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064330/automobiles-ahmedabad-car-polish-service-krish-car-care-automotive-product <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Repairs - Service<br> <b>Description :</b> KRISH Car Care. Automotive Product & Equipments. Interior Cleaning ( Car & Bus) Teflon...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Mumbai - Automobiles Wanted: Velocity-Cars-Pvt Ltd offers Spot payment Doorstep http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064331/automobiles-mumbai-automobiles-wanted-velocity-cars-pvt-ltd-offers-spot-payment-doorstep <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Others - Automobiles<br> <b>Description :</b> Velocity-Cars-Pvt Ltd offers Spot payment, Doorstep Inspection, Highest price, any Registration, condition, No 2nd...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Kolkata - Automobiles Wanted: Bengali Ad Material http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064332/automobiles-kolkata-automobiles-wanted-bengali-ad-material <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Others - Automobiles<br> <b>Description :</b> Bengali Ad Material...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Bangalore - Trucks: FOR SALE 6 Nos 2003 Model http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064333/automobiles-bangalore-trucks-for-sale-6-nos-2003-model <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Buses / Tempos / Trucks<br> <b>Description :</b> FOR SALE 6 Nos. 2003 Model Ashok Leyland 10 wheel Tipper, near Bellur Cross,...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Kolkata - Hyundai Accent: FOR sale Accent Car Year 2001 http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064334/automobiles-kolkata-hyundai-accent-for-sale-accent-car-year-2001 <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> FOR sale one Accent Car Year 2001 and in good condition. 1st owner, contact...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Chennai - Hyundai Accent: Accent 2004 GLS-1 50Lac 2007 GLS-2Lac 2005 http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064335/automobiles-chennai-hyundai-accent-accent-2004-gls-1-50lac-2007-gls-2lac-2005 <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> Accent: 2004 GLS-1.50Lac; 2007 GLS-2Lac; 2005 Diesel-2Lac; Elantra 2005 GLS-1.80Lac. Ct: 97505-59335...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Pune - Ford Ikon: URGENT Sale FORD Ikon 2001 Nov http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064336/automobiles-pune-ford-ikon-urgent-sale-ford-ikon-2001-nov <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> URGENT Sale FORD Ikon 2001 (Nov) Silver Color, Fully loaded in Excellent condition 88000Km...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Ahmedabad - Honda City: FOR Sale Honda City 1999 Good http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064337/automobiles-ahmedabad-honda-city-for-sale-honda-city-1999-good <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> FOR Sale Honda City 1999 in Good Condition. Nayak Pradeep 9426684848...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Chennai - Honda City: Honda City 2004 GXI 2 40Lac 2008 http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064338/automobiles-chennai-honda-city-honda-city-2004-gxi-2-40lac-2008 <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> Honda City: 2004 GXI 2.40Lac; 2008 ZX-3.20Lac; Vento 2011 Highline-5L;Skoda 2004 (D)-2.60Lac.9750559335...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Chennai - Maruti 800: MARUTI-800 2006 AC-1 20Lac Omni 2001 LPG http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064339/automobiles-chennai-maruti-800-maruti-800-2006-ac-1-20lac-omni-2001-lpg <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> MARUTI-800: 2006 AC-1.20Lac; Omni 2001 LPG -1.10Lac; 2008 LPG-1.60Lac; Alto 2007 LXI-1.70Lac. Ct: 97505-59335...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Bangalore - Mercedes Benz: Sale Mercedes Benz Silver Colour C http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064340/automobiles-bangalore-mercedes-benz-sale-mercedes-benz-silver-colour-c <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> Sale Mercedes Benz Silver Colour, C Class 220 Cdi, sparingly used, scratchless, 3m coated,...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 India - Others - Volkswagen: VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Comfort Line 2 0 TDI http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064341/automobiles-india-others-volkswagen-volkswagen-jetta-comfort-line-2-0-tdi <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Cars / Suvs <br> <b>Description :</b> VOLKSWAGEN Jetta Comfort Line 2.0 TDI, Model 2011, Silver Color, 40000 Km, owned by...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014 Lucknow - Multiple Vehicles: 1989 Premier Padmini Fiat 66000 kms http://www.yolist.com/adlisting/9064342/automobiles-lucknow-multiple-vehicles-1989-premier-padmini-fiat-66000-kms <b>Category :</b> Automobiles: Others - Automobiles<br> <b>Description :</b> 1989 Premier Padmini Fiat 66000 kms & 2008 Maruti Alto 27000 kms both first...<br> <b>Updated on :</b> 31-Aug-2014