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Volunteering / NGO / Charity
Respected Sir,                        Good Evening. Severe Cyclone by name Hudhud that struck Coastal Andhra Pradesh, South India on 12th October Over 100,000 houses in Visakhapatnam city ( Vizag) have been severely damaged. Thousands of acres of paddy fields, banana farms and coconut farms are under water and fisher folk communities have lost their nets and boats to the cyclone. Over 250,000 people in 320 villages are affected and nearly 135,000 are sheltered in 223 relief camps set up by the government. Water levels in rivers Vamsadhara and Nagavali are on the rise adding to the worries of people in the area.  RRHEDS Emergency staff into action within 24 hours of the tragedy, with our project staff visiting & assessing the needs of 16 villages in Achyuthapuram, Vizag urban and Bheemili areas, under difficult conditions. Fisher folks have lost their nets and boats, making them extremely vulnerable at this point. Tin-roofed houses and thatched huts also have been severely damaged. Since, fishing would be restricted until normalcy returns, RRHEDS, India is drawing a plan to immediately reach out to at least 7000 families in 16 villages with relief in the form of dry ration, pulses, jaggery & millets. Children have lost their books and bags and we will be providing the same to targeted families. As part of the livelihood support a plan is being drawn to help with repair/purchase of fishing nets and repair of boats. We will also be providing support those families living in tin-roofed houses and thatched houses in rebuilding their shelter.     Target – 7000 families in 16 villages     Immediate relief:  Dry ration, Pulses, Millets, Jaggery, First Aid, Books and                              Bags for children     Rehabilitation:  Fishing nets, repair support to boats, Housing Support                               to families in tin-roofed huts and thatched houses.      Areas Identified till now: Achyuthapuram, Vizag Urban and Bheemili in                                         Andhra Pradesh      Assessment in Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram districts  planned              We badly need of Help required from your end by way of fundraising.  Sir, its a  heavy cyclone nearly 4 districts are fully damaged and still no power supply as well as Water supply. If you need more details visit the following link for your verification purpose.           We introduce ourselves as an NGO, Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society(RRHEDS) is a charity and Not for Profit Organization in Guntur District and is ready to club our hand in Visakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram, Srikakulam Region in Andhrapradesh State, South India especially for HUDHUD Cyclone effected People for their rehabilitation purpose.             We are having Valid FCRA, 12A, 80G, tax exemption from Government of India. Dabur India and Britannia Industries has donated Medicines and Nutritional food in Phalin effected areas in the year 2013. While we continue our work in this regard, We bring to your kind notice that time has come for all corporates, International Donors and Charity Partners like us to exhibit a social responsibility in wake of severe devastation that occurred in north coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, We are deploying all our members for rescue and rehabilitation works.   If you need more details regarding our Organization visit the following links 1) 2)   3) 4) We are accepted cash/in kind donations also. Regarding In kind donations contact  by Phone for Address purpose. Please send cheque in favour of RRHEDS and send them to    RRHEDS, #31-59/1 GUNDAIAH THOTA, CHILAKALURIPET-522616, GUNTUR DISTRICT, ANDHRA PRADESH, INDIA. IMPORTANT: Please mention Name, Number & also “HudHud Relief” on the envelope or the backside of your cheque. Online Transfer RRHEDS A/c No.  31026784213  ( Foreign Transactions)   A/C. No: 31015677055  ( For Domestic Transactions) Bank: STATE BANK OF INDIA,            CHILAKALURIPET BRANCH,            GUNTUR DISTRICT-522616,             ANDHRA PRADESH              INDIA. SWIFT CODE: SBININBB307 IFSC CODE: SBIN0001195 Contact Persons: Kennady. P Phone Numbers: +91 9989553280, +91 9985692033 Awaiting a positive response from your end. Thanking you, Kennady.P RRHEDS.
Volunteering / NGO / Charity is looking after more than 150 cows in three different locations in New Delhi. Donate money for serving our sacred animals to keep them healthy and in a good environment to acquire blessing in your life. More info : Contact no. 9212681008
Volunteering / NGO / Charity
Relief India Trust: The NGO For Children In India The Relief India Trust has been in operation and offering social welfare services to the needy members in the society for long. Realizing that children are the future of the country, the organization has set out various schemes that will ensure the children are given the best life possible preparing them to become important members in the society. Education is the main focus by the relief India Trust and all children are supported financially and materially for them to become literate and possibly secure decent jobs in the future. There are many factors that play a significant role in boosting education for all children. The organization therefore looks into every aspect to ensure the children go to school and get the education needed for the society to prosper. To start with, the Relief India Trust has rolled out several health campaigns across the country to ensure all children get medical checkups and treatment so that they can continue with their studies without a problem. All these campaigns are free and children are screened of various diseases and treated in time, so they can have a humble time attending school. Health problems are known to be a major hindrance for many children pursuing their education. In severe conditions, most of them even drop out of school to nurse their illnesses. The feeding of children is another way that has enhanced and boosted education in India a great deal. It is true that a hungry stomach will have negative impacts on the concentration of the learners. Because many of the schools set by the Relief India Trust target the poor population, most of the children come from humble backgrounds where affording three meals a day is a nightmare. In order to help solve the problem of many children dropping out of school prematurely, the Relief India Trust has organized for a midday meal program where school going children is given lunch then resuming classes until evening. This program may seem simple, but has greatly boosted the level of education in India through increased enrollment, improved concentration and many of the children pursuing their studies to the end. Construction of schools across the country and supply of education materials such as books has also enabled the poor children access education with ease and eventually help them transform their lives. Slums and rural areas are usually considered the marginalized areas where education has not penetrated quite well. These are, however the places Relief India Trust targets to help the underprivileged children. The needy children are funded and given every possible necessity for them not to drop out of school. You can volunteer or donate to this charity for children in India either online or offline and that way become one of the ambassadors for a better life for all India children regardless of where they are coming from. Your support will greatly go a long way in changing the lives of millions of children in India. The Relief India Trust has many success stories on its campaign of boosting the quality of life or all children in India. You can become part of the family and help bring the much needed change in the society.     D-22, Sector 3, Near Shiv Mandir, Noida (U.P.) - 201301 Speak to Doctor: - + (91)-(120)-4258313 Speak to a Volunteer: - (Toll free)-18001031777, + (91)-9810102897  
Volunteering / NGO / Charity
With over a billion population, India is one of the biggest country in the world. But it is sad to notice that a huge margin of the population lies beneath the ‘below poverty line’. While the population goes on increasing, the ‘below poverty line’ population increases. It is of prime importance to do something about it. Many NGO’s have collaborated to face this situation. These people are basically trying to improve the lives of the poor people in India. Mission Heal is an NGO that tries to reach out to the poor through various camps and activities.   Mission Heal is based in Delhi and has no religious or political background. Their sole objective is to empower women and children with education. To do this, the Mission Heal conducts various camps like free health check-up camps and donation of books to the poor children. Clothes are also donated for this purpose.  Midday meals are also provided for the hungry. Such activities restore the faith of the poor in the system. Mission Heal has also voiced its concern for free education to the poor. Along with child education, Mission Heal also works towards woman empowerment as well as protection of the ecosystem.   The government has also heard the cries of Mission Heal for providing free education to the under-privileged children by passing the RTE (Right to Education) bill which allows every poor child the right of free education. The burden of the fees of the under-privileged children is taken upon by the state and central governments. Such reforms have provided scope for the poor students.   The sole financers of Mission Heal are the generous people of India who want to make a change in country’s society. Although generous donations are gratefully accepted, NGO’s like Mission Heal want people to participate in these projects. They want people to have a helping hand and share in the joy of giving.    It is a known fact that the condition of the poor people in India is very harsh. Young children of poor families are forced into hard labor or they resort to rag-picking and newspaper distribution and lose the prospect of education along the way. These parents are not reluctant to force their children into such a way of life because of the need for money. Along with this, improper friends make the situation worse.    The wrong set of friends creates a wrong image of the school to the youngsters. It is of paramount importance that such misconceptions be cleared from the child’s mind before he/she joins the school. Clearing these misconceptions from a child’s mind is necessary before he/she joins the school. Mission Heal helps young children grow an affiliating nature towards schooling.   Looking at the above consequences it is our duty as citizens to help these down-trodden people with what we can. Stepping down from our social and family duties, we need to look out for others who were not so fortunate enough. By helping them to improve their socioeconomic condition we are not only helping them but also our country.    
Volunteering / NGO / Charity
Our lives are an interconnected series of links. Each link connects one to another. These links are¬ the various issues faced by society connected either directly or indirectly. The major issue that affects us all indirectly is illiteracy. Illiteracy is the root cause of all issues. Illiteracy leads to poverty, child labor, unemployment, female foeticide, population burst and many more. Literacy determines the development of a country. Even countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Thailand have shown tremendous growth in terms of the literate population. Whereas India has not utilized its resources properly to eradicate illiteracy.   It is necessary for every person to pool his resources to restore faith in the minds of the poverty stricken. Mission Heal is trying to do so by reaching out to the needy and guiding their path. With many success stories under their belt, Mission Heal is mobilizing to help more and more people along the way. Mission Heal is an NGO (Non-Government Organization) which has no political or religious background; just people from different backgrounds hoping to alleviate the current illiteracy condition in India. Along with eradicating illiteracy, they also provide resources for women’s education and are in the forefront of natural preservation.   Mission Heal works towards helping the poor and the needy any way they can. From organizing textbooks to providing the students Mid-day meals and much more. They mainly focus on providing free education for the down-trodden people of the society. They have conducted many rallies to permit free education to the poor students. The organization feels that these students have a feeling of insecurity because of the financial backgrounds and the status they have in society. Hence the organization helps to bridge the gap between the middle class and the poor class by various activities organized by them; the recent one’s include free clothes distribution, health check-up camps, free food distribution and free study material.    The recently declared RTE has helped to alleviate the situation of the country. RTE (Right to Education) is an ACT declared by the Indian government, which allows free and compulsory education to the lower class of the society. ‘Free’ implies that the state and the central government share responsibilities for the expenses of the student ranging from uniforms to tuition fees. Such programs are instigated by NGO’s who work for the profit of the common people.    Illiteracy is caused by various effects. Mainly it is because of poverty. BPL (Below poverty Line) families have to send their children on errands to fulfill their basic needs which in-turn reduces the probability of the child getting a formal education. These families also expose their children in child labor. Another reason for illiteracy is because of the peer and friend circle. Wrong advice from peers and friends regarding education may send the child down the path of illiteracy.   Eradicating illiteracy will help in making the child responsible and he will have a glimpse of the outside world. It will also rationalize his decisions. It is our duty to work towards this goal for the development of the country and the betterment of the society. So we all should support the noble cause of Mission Heal.    
Volunteering / NGO / Charity
The sole purpose of any government in the world is to ensure all its people live a quality and fulfilled life. This is the same case with India, though several challenges are facing the government’s intention to have things working differently for all its citizens because of the high population in the country. Despite the efforts the government makes, several people are still struggling with minor challenges of illiteracy, hunger and lack of basic needs. This is basically because of unequal distribution of resources to the various marginalized sections of the country. This has led to an increased gap between the rich and the poor in the country. The intention of Mission Heal is to bridge this gap and eradicating various problems faced by people in the society as a whole.   Mission Heal is here delivering various services to the society through a number of schemes and projects that are intended to improve the quality of life for all. A number of campaigns have been rolled out by this organization in the name of bringing about long-lasting changes in the society. Some of the campaigns include;   Provision of free medical care The children, widows, disabled, elderly and the public in  general need better quality health care so as to enable the country prosper to the next level. It takes the government and other stakeholders to organize for a better way to offer medical checkups and treatment to the needy in the society. Mission Heal with the help of professional and experienced medics offers free medical checkups and treatment of the children, disabled and all needy members in the society. That is the only way to create a vibrant population that will work to help the society achieve its goals and objectives.   Provision of free education Education is regarded as the only vicious cycle of poverty breaker. For that reason, Mission Heal is committed to ensuring all children in the country access decent education that will help shape their future. Illiteracy is a disease that has brought about several other challenges, including poverty and corruption in the country. Its cure is support education for all children, including the street, slum and rural areas children.   Vocational training Senior, youth, women and widows now have a chance to live their dreams, even though they didn’t get the basic education while they were young. Mission Heal offers vocational training to these special groups where special skills are learnt to help them earn a living. Weaving, woodwork and pottery are some of the hand-skills that these individuals learn in the vocational centers to make them self reliant and independent.   Disaster management   Several disasters and calamities affect the progress in the country a great deal. Mission Heal through its professional disaster awareness and management team gives the society hope of a better life after the calamities. Through awareness campaigns carried out across the country, Mission Heal manages to alert people on the pending disasters and that way making them aware and possibly able to decide on what to do to avoid more losses.    All the campaigns and projects are rolled out in good faith to change the society for the better. You can as well join the process and make the society a better place for all including the poor and needy in the society.  
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